Ydalir silently slipps swift as silvery fish through the slapping gurgle of sea-waves from the harbour of Dieppe at 3AM on Wednesday morning with the full moon as a bright light guiding us. With a broad reach and force 5, we sailed away, leaving the necklace of colourful lights behind. The sea is calm and the current gives us an extra knot. A small fisher boat with the typical tent, plows her way and passes us. The sky is full of stars, one of them Venus and we have the best sail so far. We go west and cross the Greenwich meridian and have now sailed over 1000 NM from Gothenburg!

The sky is light, but the English Channel has a strong current
A sailor is not alone in Cherbourg… and one of the boats is Finish!
Parapluie de Cherbourg on a sunny day