As every boat had to quarantine in Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth, for a week while arriving to Dominica, everyone had a chance to join the WhatsApp group or listen to the VHF sailors community calls at 7:30 AM thrice a week. Jan on Sentinel is a German year sailor who has found his home in Dominica and he hosted the calls. Due to COVID restrictions, Prince Rupert bay was the only allowed anchorage and it was easy to meet at the Purple Turtle bar or the Seabird restaurant.

On land awaited us PAYS; Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services, who takes care of the moorings, security and also offers guided tours. Keisha “Kish” Richards was very active on the VHF net. She invited us to special Roti or local crab dinners and traditional Dominican breakfasts with homemade bakes and chocolate. She also offers taxi services and takes care of refilling gas tanks. She eve has time to help elderly people with her own foundation for the aged. “Because love has no age”.

St Patricks celebration happened to take place when we where in Dominica. Ellen and Seamie on the Irish boat Saol Nua invited everyone for a BBQ beach party to “Drown the Shamrock”. All dressed in green, about twenty sailors join the party, drunk Guiness and played games until sundown. It was an awesome day!