Thick liquid streams on the way to Dieppe

We could sail quite well on beam reach on the starboard tack, but sometimes had to push a little with our “iron Genua” (=nanny engine) against the side tide. The 50NM distance took us 8 hours, from 8-16, a normal working day.

It may be that the name Dieppe origins from the Norse language. It is a deep harbour (djup in Swedish) and the tide has a difference of 6 meters, whereas special constructions for the berth is required. It is easy to feel a little bit dizzy when you walk down.

Can it be better – a fresh juicy and crunchy French Brioche for breakfast
The white cliffs of Dieppe, as white as the one of Dover, as if somebody had cut a sponge cake in two halves.
Chapelle Notre Dame de Bonsecours, the church for all lost at sea.