After a rejuvenating month on Dominica, it was time for us to leave and sail south. Before we had to do the exit-PCR test so drove down to Roseau, the capital of Dominica and stayed one night at a historical hotel called Fort Young. Early next morning we waited two hours for our PCR test. The security lady was very well organised and the swab was not the worst one we’ve had. We are getting quit used to them now. We took the opportunity to do some provisioning and buy some tax free wines at Pirates in Roseau. Now the countdown of 72 hours time to leave for St. Vincent started with winds growing stronger.

On the last day of March 2021 we left the mooring in Prince Rupert’s bay together with the Norwegian boats Ticora and Emelin. The winds were quite strong with up to 33 knots and the waves where two metres high when we crossed the channel between Dominica and Martinique. Shortly before daylight passed away, we dropped our anchor between several other boats in the bay of St. Pierre. We had asked for permission to anchor as Martinique was in lock down. The turbo outlet made some trouble again and we had to fix it. It was a short night and early next morning at five we hove the anchor and the viking fleet of three rode the two meter waves and sailed in 26 knots wind south, passing St. Lucia. Ydalir made a record speed of 10 knots, she and her captain really enjoy sailing over the ocean. The high profile of the Volcano, La Soufriere welcomes us on the north side of St. Vincent and a bunch of dolphins keep us company. As we are at the leeward side of the island, we let the engine take us the last part of our voyage. In the late evening Jimmy greets us and shows us a mooring at Young Island.

Dolphin video

On good Friday we can clear in at the customs. The bars are closed, but wee find a place to drink a beer, but the police comes and due to the holiday, we have to drink our beer out of glasses instead of bottles. As we come from a low risk Covid country, we don’t have to quarantine in St. Vincent and on Saturday morning we continue to Port Elisabeth in Bequia, an island sic miles south of St. Vincent. We anchor close to Jacks bar and when we go ashore we immediately get an invitation to a Swedish Easter dinner together with other sailors at Papas restaurant. Lars on the boat Sandvita has prepared the dinner together with the chef at Papas. Papas is owned by Gert from Dalarna in Sweden. We sing many snaps songs and it almost feels like being in Sweden again.