Ydalir II

MAR PORTUGUES , written by Fernando Pessoa

Ó mar salgado, quanto do teu sal
São lágrimas de Portugal!
Por te cruzarmos, quantas mães choraram,
Quantos filhos em vão rezaram!
Quantas noivas ficaram por casar
Para que fosses nosso, ó mar!

Valeu a pena? Tudo vale a pena
Se a alma não é pequena.
Quem quere passar além do Bojador
Tem que passar além da dor.
Deus ao mar o perigo e o abismo deu,
Mas nele é que espelhou o céu.

THE SEA OF PORTUGAL (translated from Portuguese)

Oh salt laden sea, how much of your salt
belongs to the tears of Portugal!
By crossing your waters, how many mothers wept, how many sons and daughters prayed in vain!
How many would be brides denied
for you to be ours, oh sea!

Was it worth it – the price that was paid?
All is worth doing, if one is great of soul.
Beyond the Cape of Bojador, for those who dare to sail,
all pain must be renounced, all suffering cast off.
Perils and unfathomable depths to the sea gave God,
for the sky above is mirrored within.

The Guadiana river is the border or bond between Portugal and Spain. We sailed to the small town, Ayamonte where we had time to stock up and plan for our upcoming sail to Lanzarote. We will start on Monday the 28th of September 2020 around eight and sail for four to five days over the Atlantic to the Canary Islands – 560NM. This will be our longest sail so far. Anders has made several different routings on Timezero and we plan to meet SY Skyline and Modesty on the way.

You never sail alone on the ocean.

There will be moonlight on the way.
Ydalir on tour – Thank you Elisabeth for the picture!