We heard different opinions about the Island south of Faro; Culatra. Some love it and others didn’t find it very attractive. Together with Sirenia we decided to give it a try and sailed to the eastern entrance of the Bay. It was high tide and we tried very smoothly to pass the sand barrier, but felt the sticky bottom caressed the keel. We had to turn around and try the deeper western entrance instead.

Keeping an eye on the depth

We found a peaceful anchorage among fifty other boats. The next day we took the dinghy to the small fishing harbour on Culatra and found a beautiful, almost fairytale island. On the north side, the fishermen were sorting out their net and oysters or just delivering some fish and eel. While the tide was low, workers were digging the sand to find some clams. Days before we were wondering why the clams were so expensive in the restaurants and now we got the answer. With a scoop, big as a dustpan, they dig decimetre by decimetre to possibly find some clams.

On the south side, the golden sand beach stretch from east to west and the few people on there was very relaxed. Together with Elisabeth and Robert, we took a nice walk to the lighthouse and found a LA like bar. It was like almost already being on the Bahamas.

Culatra is a true pearl on the coast of Algarve. We love it!