At 9 am we finally see land, having sailed for four days and night. All is well so far! 540 NM embedded in the waves behind us since we left Ayamonte. The first day and night was an easy ride, with dolphins surfing close to Ydalir, but on the second day, the wind grew stronger and so did the swell. Nilla had to feed the sea monsters, but was fit for the next watch. The third day, we got used to the life on the blue ocean. It is really a strange feeling to be so far out on the Atlantic, along the coast of a new continent. In the third night, we heard reggae music on the VHF and could feel that we were close to Africa. On the second day we got VHF contact with the Swedish boat, Skyline and Swiss catamaran, Aria. It’s amazing how good it feels to get in contact with other sailors far out on the sea.
All nights, the full moon lightened up our way on the silvery sea. The fourth night was quite heavy, with up to force 8. The waves carried, puffed and pushed Ydalir forward, sometimes from two directions on the same time. We haven’t had much sleep the last night on the rocky sea, so we really long for to get ashore in Lanzarote. Still 20 NM to go.