Having sailed day and nights from the old continent to the Canaries, we were very happy to meet thee crew of Modesty and Skyline again. The two ships started from Gibraltar at the same time as we from Ayamonte and we had VHF and satellite contact after the second day on the Atlantic. We had all the same experience in the bones, having been rocked on thee waves quite heavily the last 24 hours. In the very modern Marina Lanzarote, we had a happy meal together.

On Sunday, Johan and Cristine, who lives on Lanzarote, came over for lunch at Ydalir. They are very experienced sailors and we had a wonderful time with discussions and it was lovely making their acquaintance. Sharing the love for the sea, they had very nice suggestions where we should continue at the coast of Lanzarote. If we were lucky, we could spot some turtles…

Montanas del Fuego – Fire mountains

About 200 million years ago Lanzarote, the oldest of the Canary Islands, grew with every volcanic eruption. The Island has more than 150 volcanos and in the national park of Timanfaya, the ground is still hot. We joined a guided tour and had the chance to eat chicken grilled on hot lava steam. It is surely fascinating to see the wide landscape of volcanos, like a historical letter from the inner earth.

Cueva des los Verdes

In the north of Lanzarote, lava from the Vulcano La Corona formed a six km long tunnel. The smoothly grinned underground passage goes from the volcanos crater all the way to the sea. It is one of the most spectacular natural phenomenas we have seen. The flow of the hot lava made its way to the sea and the walls on the side grew stiff.

The rough volcanic landscape of Lanzarote was a strong contrast to the blue surface of the sea that we were used to.


Some live music and delicious food among friends- Lanzarote life!

On Tuesday we sailed 6NM south to Punta del Papagayo, a beautiful anchor bay.

Were it was time to discover the sea under the surface.

The octopus was indeed rock a like and the clear turquoise water was full of exciting fishes and some yellow corals. Time stands still on Lanzarote both over and under the surface.