We sailed to Hamburg while waiting for the new inverter to the generator and docked in the City Marina of Hamburg harbour, right opposite of the beautiful Elbphilharmonie with wavelengths in the architects drawings.

Elbphilharmony sends watermusic to the sky

Hamburg is a lovely town for seafarers and it´s a lot of traffic on the Elbe. Tourist boats, shuttle boats, huge cruise ships, and tall tankers share the space with sailing boats. We enjoy temperatures of 28 Celsius and stroll along the spectacular new and old buildings of the transformed Speicherstadt. The food os delicious at Coast.

One morning we notice that the shore side electricity is lost. We cannot check the fuse, but call the harbourmaster…who states that our cable has gone off, there is a clear cut! Anders repairs our shore cable and we are on our way to the nearest marine shop.

Our dear friend Lisa has very nice colleges who takes her shift at work and she drives from Düsseldorf to meet us and joins us on Tuesday morning on the sail back to Glückstadt. We are so happy to meet again!

Lisa on board

Back in Glückstadt we are challenged with a new repair. The toilet hose is full with stone hard urinary calculi so we have to find a new hose. There is nothing you cannot find in Glückstadt! But we spare you the photos! The Currywurst tastes delicious after all the work!

And the HAPPY news are: On Tuesday morning, our Inverter has finally arrived and Hans has time to install it. He makes a perfect installation in the very uncomfortable working space. We are sooo happy when the generator is running again. We are untagged, back on track and can start sailing south again!