Gelcoat repair

We were lucky enough to get in contact with the skilful Fisher Panda technician Hans de Bol in Glückstadt and he ordered a new PCB board for our generator. We are quite dependent on the generator because it drives the ENWA water maker. So we wait three days and learn to relax and live with the fact that a delay doesn’t destroy the day. Nearby the harbour, there its a small old-time marine shop where we find fresh and fluid gelcoat and Anders fills in the scratches that the anchor made on the Baltic Sea.

There were many possibilities to try the delicious Matjes (Hering) of Glückstadt and the best “Rosinenmörbchen” (scones with raisins) we ever tried. We also get used to the COVID-19 restrictions and wear face masks and fill in the forms with our names and addresses in every restaurant we visit. We meet many nice and interested tourists and Glückstädters and feel very welcome.

On Friday we finally get our new PCB-board, only to learn that the inverter is “kaputt”, out of order. Hans orders a new one and we will have to wait until Wednesday. There is one in stock in Paderborn, but it has to be configured and checked. The upside of having the incident in Germany is that the spare parts are cheaper than in Sweden and the distance for delivery is short.

We decide to visit Hamburg while over the weekend. On Saturday morning we get a nice farewell bottle of “Seehund” from Tjalda who rafted over night with Darkir on Ydalir. And a message:

“Man plans and God laughs”