Biscaya-dance by dolphins

Sometimes words cannot describe the severe beauty of nature. When dolphins move so gentle and graciosos in the water, surprisingly synchronising and swiftly dance away with the waves, words melt like candy in water. Deep happiness is the gift they bring.

Monday morning mist follows us on the way out of Rade de Brest and we sail southwest along the ruptured coast of Brittany, Bretagne.

Raz de Sein has a bad reputation for dangerous tide race and poor visibility. We can approve.

The sun comes out at noon and we enjoy a fantastic sail on beam reach with a surplus of current-speed of 3 knots. No wonder that the dolphins likes to play with Ydalir.

After a hot summer day and 77 NM at sea, we dock in the harbour of Concarneau, a beautiful town with a medieval heart; an island fort surrounded by ancient walls with a mace of beautifully preserved small streets that gives you the feeling of walking in a childhood fairytale.

The old town, La Ville Close in Concarneau with granite ramparts.