Luckily everything went well with the repair. The shipyard, Grand Soleil, worked hard and replaced the bearing of the propeller shaft and we took the advantage of lifting Ydalir and repaired the ditches in the gelcoat. Now she is beautiful again and on Friday at noon she went back to her real element and we could set sail again.

Smooth sailing near the coast of Belgium

The winds and tide were right and it felt very good to be back in the water, hoping all trouble only came to let us stop in Breskens and share time with friends. The historically well known town, Dunkirk, in France was where we were heading.

Ydalir by night in Boulogne sur Mer

We just stayed one night in Dunkirk. The nightguard was surprised that we just stayed one night, as the winds would be quite strong irons on Saturday, but we felt we had to go on and motored six hours against the wind to Boulogne sur Mer, where we docked in a freshly repaired marina and had a delicious french dinner. Close to the Marina there is a typical mobile french funpark and in the morning we went to the fresh fish market in the harbour. Life is good!

French fishermen
Capitain Cook
New clew members
Beautiful Boulogne
Boulogne sur Mer with the ancient castle. It was a beautiful walk up the hill.
Evening light on the Cathedral. Thanks again Etienne and Christa for driving to Boulogne for a nice walk and wonderful evening.