This past week has been very busy. On Sunday we were invited to a BBQ at thee home of the Ocean Cruising Club port officer, Agustin Martin in Pasito Blanco in the south of Gran Canaria. We got a ride with our lovely ARC+ friends from Rivercafe and were totally surprised by the most generous hospitality of Sonja and Agustin, who had prepared mountains of delicious meat and Canarian cheese, salad and wine. Together with the Kelly family from Ireland we were eight people, so still under the covidfriendly number of ten. Its a great advantage to be a member of OCC, having the possibility to ask for help and advice in a foreign harbour and even more so, to meet, exchange experiences and have fun together in the private home on a remote island! Agustin had seen us all on the AIS when we arrived to Las Palmas and send a friendly welcome. Muchos gracias!

The social Sunday continued with the ARC+ womens spontaneous beach party where we could all meet and learn to know each other a little bit better. The stories where many and the excitement of the coming crossing over the Atlantic grew as we shared our thoughts and plans. The decision to leave job, house and family for a while is a bond holding us together like a loose net we knit while sailing.

We had also time to meet Susanne and Lasse on Sea wind and hear the story of their sail from Greenland to the Azores. It was astonishing to see the pictures of a polar bear swimming close to their boat while playing and chewing on their flag pole. The polar bear liked to use the Swedish flag as a towel or maybe better as a hat. What a story! On their boat we also met Vicky and Stellan with lifetime sailing stories and we feel very blessed getting the chance to share their narratives.

Sea Wind at night

Monday morning started with a security check from ARC and we had met the requirements quite well but we had to add an extra VHF antenna, secure the manual bilge pump with a line and add gloves to the lightning box. Then Ydalir had to stay on the hard while she got a good grinding and new colour. It was two years since the last time. A bit of tender ladylike waxing was also on the wish list. A big surprise was that the two months old nods had disappeared on port side. We must have been close to some electrical fields.

Rolnautic did a splendid job and Ydalir was soon shining bright like the moon. We have never seen the propeller that bright. It was a benefit to see how fast the keel grows full of sea life. While Ydalir was on the hard, we stayed in a hotel and enjoyed the change of mattresses for some days. The breakfast was a real treat without trick. The quick internet connection came handy so we could see some ARC learning videos and do some office work while waiting. On Thursday Ydalir was hoisted out and we were back to the growing community on the S pontoon.

There are already boats from Luxemburg, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Norway and Switzerland and on top of all nationality and courtesy flags, all boats flew their flagstaff celebrating the upcoming departure to the Cap Verdes. 26 boats are participating in the ARC+ 2020.

On Saturday our missing crew finally arrived from Sweden! Warm welcome Ulf and Dan!!! We are sooo happy to have you own board. Arriving on Halloween, this is the best trick or treat for us!

Ulf and Dan on board


In the light of the full moon and several led lights, Halloween transformed some of the small sailors into zombies on our pontoon and all the kids had great fun collecting some candy.

Eight days until we start the rally to Cap Verde on November the 8th!!!