We sail and motor a bit south to the French Medoc area. Medoc means amid the waters, the Atlantic and the river Gironde which leads to Bordeaux. Who is not thinking of red wine now? We call the capitainarie of the harbour called Port Medoc and know that we have a berth to stay in.

On Tuesday the 19th of August 2020 we rent two yellow bikes and explore the landside. In Soulac-sur-mer we find a beautiful sand beach and go for wave jump in the Atlantic. A very nice restaurant on the beach serves grilled razor clams, what turns out to be a delicate dish.

Being in Medoc, it is almost mandatory to visit a wine Chateau. Friends introduces us to the family owned vineyard of Chateau Lafon Rochet in Saint-Estéphe The grapes are almost ready to harvest and the Cabernet-Sauvignon has a rich taste, but can still need some sugar and we learn that the colour in the peel is not yet red enough, but hopefully in three weeks.

The modern wine cellar with concrete vats and stainless steel to control the sensitive process and conserve the harvest from the exceptional terroir and fulfill the vintage. We tasted the wine of 2019 from the oak barrel and still so young, the wine already had a complex taste. The elder vintages were even better!

Biking back from Soulac-sur-Mer with wine in the basket and rucksack