The next generation of adventurers at sea.

On Thursday the 10th of September we took an Uber to Lisbon to learn about the Portuguese adventurous history at sea in the maritime museum. The Museum was founded in 1863 by King Luis and shows several ships from the 17th century and tells the fascinating history of navigation. Having sailed so far, we have gained a deep respect for the sailors that discovered the “dark and perilous sea” and new trade routes over five centuries ago.

Maritime museum of Lisbon

The quadrant is a nautical instrument used since the early 15th century for the determination of latitude through the observation of the North Star. These and other inventions helped Bartholomeu Dias round the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 and Vasco da Gama to reach India in 1498 and alas develop a new geographical context.

Open air book festival in Lisbon
Daniela – our lovely tuctuc driver

After a wonderful seafood lunch together with Lisbon friends, we took a tuctuc to see more of the town. Daniela from Brazil was really friendly and drove us up and down the hot hilly city.

Amazing view over Lisbon

It was a wonderful day with many impressions of Lisbon. When we came back to the boat, it was time for the adventurers to write new stories and contemplate. Back to paper and pencil again. Thanks Charles for the inspiration!