After Christmas we got the news that our new toilet had arrived in Rodney Bay and we had a nice sail back there with 20 knots wind. It was great to be at sea again and also a good feeling to come to a familiar place.

Rodney Bay

Roger from St.Lucia could help us to install the modern toilet and he also found a leakage in the valve of the sea cock. A similar leakage made a Catamaran call mayday some days ago. Its a kind of leakage you don’t want to have on a boat. Already in Las Palmas we noticed that the anod on the hull, not far from the toilet, had been eaten up quite quick and we assumed there was a problem, but the electrician at the yard said that the anods might got used when the boat is close to a metal pillar. Luckily Roger knew how to solve the problem and connected a grounding from the sea cock to a copper plate when he installed the new valve. Now we feel safer again and enjoy the convenient head.

While we were out on anchor in Rodney Bay with quite a lot of swell, our joystick to the bow truster stopped working. After 18 years, this adult ship need some new replacements now and then, sometimes now comes too often. We went back to the Marina and once again Roger helped us very kindly on New Years Eve. We offered Rogar a place in our cabin, but we all agreed it would become too sqeezy with his nine children Our generator is also having problems again, this time with the stats. We really hope that everything will work much better in 2021, but we have also realised that this is part of the fun sailing long distances.

Another more funnier thing we learned, was that the original Dr Dolittle movie from 1967 was filmed in Marigot Bay. We watched the fun and fantastic movie again and it was amusing to recognise the scenery.