Praia, on the Isla Santiago is the Capital town of Cape Verdes, but Mindelo its the Cultural city and here is music everywhere. Instead of sports on the TV on ferries and in cafe, there is music videos and of course in the restaurants you can hear live music almost everywhere. The most well known singer of the island is Cesaria Evoria, who made the traditional music, Morna, known all over the world. Morna is the slow songs of longings, sung by the women, when their men where out fishing far away. The most well known is Sodade, which means journey.

We have now been almost a week on Sao Vicente in Cape Verdes and seen both the Island and its larger and greener neighbour island, Santo Antao where the fruits grow. Sao Vicente is quite dry and the drinking water comes from desalination. High up of the Mount Cara, they have built a “cloud catcher” to save the water from the clouds, irrigating the herbs garden on on the top of the mountain.

On Sunday the 15th we met Fátima, who is born on Santo Antao and now lives in Portugal, but temporarily work and teach in the University of Mindelo. She is specialised in the strategic politics and transatlantic connections of Islands in the Atlantic. Cape Verde has been independent since 1975 and is supporting education and cooperation with Europe, Brazil, Cuba and the USA for a good future for the 500 000 inhabitants.

The traditional dish of the Cape Verdes is Cachupa, made of beans, corn, vegetables, the fruits of the breadfruit tree and meat. We found it to taste very delicious.