On Saturday we sailed four hours to Malmö together with Modesty and Skyline and we shared plans and weather forecasts for the coming long trip to the Kiel canal. Anders cousin Ia joined us for an early Sunday breakfast and brought us some important deliveries. It was a special moment – our last breakfast in Sweden for some years to come. We left the harbour of Malmö at ten and had a tough beating under the bridge of Öresund. The waves were quite rough, and the wind was stronger than predicted. The protecting shelter of Möns Klint, the beautiful chalk cliffs of the Danish island of Mön, gave us a chance to have an early dinner. The wind was still strong and we could hear an annoying “clink”-sound inside the boat. It was not so easy to localise. We checked the engine room and spotted a lot of water. We contacted the rescue guards and asked for permission to enter a Danish harbour and got the answer that it was no problem, even under Covid19-rules. The sound came from the anchor, which had got a little loose and done some small scratches on the hull. In the safe harbour of Klintholm we found out that the water in the engine room was fresh water and it came from overflow when filling up the fresh water tanks. It was a stressful day, but we are on our way and will continue to Kiel tomorrow.