With so many storms roaring over Skagerakk, we were wondering if we will ever come any further than Hunnebostrand, but late at eight in the evening on July the 7th, we saw a calm window in the weather forecast and sailed away from Hunnebostrand. Our dear friends Monica and Anders J waved farewell on the pier and we had their handpicked blueberries on board. The Sotencanal protected us from strong westerly winds and a rainbow gave us a delightful start on our journey southwards. When we came to more open water, the winds got stronger and the waves grew up to 2,5 m! Our captain was happily sailing, enjoying how smooth Ydalir rode the waves, but the rest of the crew got ill in the bumpy sea. The delicious Plaice we had for dinner quickly jumped back to its right element again… Our plan was to sail the whole night, but we changed the plan and navigated to Gullholmen guided by the nearby lighthouse. Luckily there was a good birth for us and we docked right in time at 12pm before the rain started.

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