Mainland Guadeloupe has the shape of a butterfly. The eastern part is the older one and the western part has a more recent history with an active volcano, La Soufirere. We got a berth in Marina Bas du Fort, close to the main city Point a Pietre, in the middle of the butterfly. Together with Karin and Holger on Rivercafe we rented a car and drove to the eastern part of Guadeloupe. The hike at point de Chateaux was breathtaking and beautiful. After a light lunch beside the road and almost in the sea, we walked to a beautiful beach where Karin found a conch. It was beautiful to see.

The weather was quite windy and the waves strong, so we continued to the most easterly point. The waves where dramatic and the view over land and sea was fascinating. The smell of the wild salvia and salty sea so refreshing.

Two days later we chose to drive north on the east wing, all the way to Port de la Grande Vigie. This was another spectacular place. So beautiful! On the way back we stopped to take a dip in the water together with hundreds of surfers at Pointe Dantigue. We had some refreshments and suddenly by chance met Jill and Jörn from Ticora (Anoter ARC+ boat). We feel very happy to be on Guadeloupe, all are so friendly and the nightlife is vivid with wonderful music.

Karaoke evening